1200 Butte Street Pilot Butte , SK S0G 3Z0

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1200 Butte Street Pilot Butte , SK S0G 3Z0


Soil Stabilization & Road Lift

Products Used
Hydrophobic Highway Stabilization Foam

     Lumsden had a problem with a low spot on the highway due to soil failure. This is because of a culvert installed below. During construction, the surface should have been sufficiently compacted, which would result in solid compaction between the above-ground and the culvert. A strong indicator of a culvert problem is a dip or a low spot on the highway over or around the culvert.

Eco Concrete Levelling implemented Deep FoamJection for this project. We injected foam between the highway and the current culvert, stabilizing the soil while levelling the lane. The appeal of this process is to have the highway open for public use and to fix the problem. Only half of the highway was shut down during the process, leaving the other lane free for public transport. This method saves time and money, along with increasing the safety of the community.