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1200 Butte Street Pilot Butte , SK S0G 3Z0

Ground Stabilization

Roads / Highways

Whether you have a "dip" in the road, a "nasty frost boil," Eco Concrete Levelling can help. Eco specializes in DeepFoamjection, a technique where polyurethane foam is injected into the ground at a predetermined depth. The foam is injected into the problematic area's soft spots, creating a stable base for the road surface above. The foams used will work in water-saturated areas, loose soil or a poorly compacted area. A Dynamic Cone Penetrometer, commonly known as a DCP, is an instrument used to test soil density. A DCP test is fast, accurate, and performed without significant interruption to the area in question. This same test is then performed after the work is completed to verify the results.

Parking Lots

As with roads and highways, Eco can also test the affected area(s) of parking lots to determine where the sub-base has failed. After performing the DCP test, Eco will provide a detailed estimate for the required amount of foam needed to stabilize the ground in the selected areas. Depending on the site's size, Eco can complete most jobs in one to two days. When performing work on traffic areas, Eco will perform the work on one side of the road allowing the use of the other traffic lane. Traffic can resume immediately after completing the work.  


Overtime all infrastructure needs to be repaired. Unlevelled railroad tracks are hazardous and oftentimes require a long shut down. Eco understands the importance of railroad safety and stands behind the Deep FoamjectionTM process to repair and stabilize faulty railroads and repair failing soils. One huge advantage with Deep FoamJection for Railways is Railroad Down Time, Eco’s process can save days or weeks in total reconstruction of the railroad. Our process is quick and ready to use immediately, reducing your liability.