1200 Butte Street Pilot Butte , SK S0G 3Z0

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1200 Butte Street Pilot Butte , SK S0G 3Z0


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Weed Control

When applied on top of the ground, Bandit acts as the ultimate weed barrier. Once Bandit has cured, it forms an impenetrable crust that vegetation cannot grow through, not to mention it looks great! If you love running a weed whacker/string trimmer do not use Bandit! 

Erosion Control

Wherever there is an area with granular soils that continue to move or wash away, Bandit can solve your problem. Apply Bandit to the soil to form a "cap" that will bind the ground together. Whether extreme heat, extreme cold, wind, rain, snow, drought or high humidity, Bandit will stand up to the elements. Bandit can also be used for dust suppression.

High Traffic Areas

Depending on the amount of Bandit that is applied per sq. ft. and the type of granular material being used, the compressive strength will vary. Bandit was lab-tested using smaller "pea gravel," with 10 oz per sq. ft. being applied; the compressive strength was an astonishing 11.8 mpa. Note 10 mpa concrete is commonly used for patios and walkways. So if you have a project that requires a higher compression strength than regular soils apply Bandit. The results are both amazing as well as affordable.