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1200 Butte Street Pilot Butte , SK S0G 3Z0

Void Filling


Filling abandoned culverts and pipes can prevent the danger of collapsing. Fillfoam is a lightweight and strong foam, with the ability to absorb and store liquids remaining in the pipes, eliminating potential leaks. Liquids will not be capable of flowing through the pipe with foam in place. This foam is inert and resistant to any solvents or chemicals that could remain inline. In the event the pipes would need to be excavated, the foam is lightweight and will prevent any fluids from leaking. This foam can also be removed to reopen the pipe for use again. Pumping distances will vary based on material density installed, pipe diameter, interior texture, slope, and contents.


After mines are closed for operation they continue to pose a danger and liability to the property owner. Injuries can occur with entry points, shafts, and tunnels. Mines structures can also deteriorate creating dangerous conditions. FillFoam can be used in many different ways within a mine. Foam can be used to block entry points safely, as well as filling voids to hold together and support existing structures. FillFoam can also eliminate moisture and airflow that can deteriorate underground environments. If the area filled needs to be accessed, FillFoam can be easily excavated and removed. 

Storage Tanks

When tanks are decommissioned they can continue to pose a liability to the owner. Tanks are often used for containing harsh or dangerous liquids. The danger of combustion, explosion, or leaking can risk environmental hazards and injury. Eco Concrete Levelling uses a lightweight foam that can either be used inside or outside (or both) of the tank. Cement is a common material used for filling decommissioned tanks. The cured cement makes the potential removal of the tank very difficult. Lightweight FillFoam will protect the tank for long-term storage and still allow the tank to be easily removed if required. FillFoam could be removed if the tank would need to be used again. FillFoam can also be utilized to protect the exterior of a tank. In addition to absorbing any potential leaks that could combust, FillFoam is fireproof and can offer sound and vibration dampening benefits. Two inches of FillFoam can resist up to 3,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Encapsulating a tank with FillFoam could prevent catastrophes in a tank yard in the event of a fire.