1200 Butte Street Pilot Butte , SK S0G 3Z0

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1200 Butte Street Pilot Butte , SK S0G 3Z0


Commercial Floors

Whether you are lifting a commercial space, a warehouse floor, or a large maintenance building, Eco Concrete Levelling has the resources and equipment to do so. Not only Does Eco have the equipment to test the sub-grade but the knowledge to provide a solution. Eco's larger unit can perform work from up to 250 feet away from the truck's location. The smaller size ⅝" holes used to inject the foam leave a minimal disruption after the job is complete. In most cases, when working on a retail store, the "downtime" is minimal. In the case of a floor with large weight requirements Eco will use a denser foam to support the structure's requirements. 

Loading Docks

Eco Concrete Levelling understands that in the world of transportation and logistics, "time is money." Not only can an uneven loading dock be unsafe for everyone involved, but it can also be very hard on your expensive equipment. If the substrate is causing the problem, Eco can perform Deep FoamJection to support the weight requirements. Loading docks and ramps can usually be repaired in one or two days and can be put back into service as soon as the job is complete.  


The world of Agricultural is forever evolving, and so is Eco Concrete Levelling. In the 1960s, the ability to seed 24 feet was considered a large piece of equipment. In today's world, 100 feet is possible. The world of polyurethane concrete levelling has evolved similarly. Both of Eco's trucks can carry the equivalent of approximately 4.5 tandem truckloads of fill/dirt. So if you are a greater distance away from a major center, the chances are that Eco can get the job done faster and more economical than anyone else. Whether you are raising a Quonset floor, a production facility or a large grain silo, Eco has the tools and expertise to get the job done.